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Whilst preparing for my viva, I came across OILIGARCHY, an online game where you become the powerful boss of the global oil industry: you can explore and drill around the world, bribe and corrupt politicians, block policies for renewable energies and increase the world’s oil addiction.
I spent a good four hours playing this game two weeks ago. Besides a few chronological/historical mistakes, it is very well designed and fun to play… I decided to play it as completely pro-oil drilling for big profits business persona (Trump anyone?) and, I regret to disclose, that I led the world to nuclear annihilation by year 2050 X_x. So, for all the current research and developments on renewable energy, until we understand how deeply entangled our current economy, society, politics, and culture is with oil, we will not be able to figure out how to build a new world that is no longer dependent on fossil fuels and hydrocarbons